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Heat treatment

What is a metal heat treatment?

Heat treatments for metals are industrial processes that are applied to certain metal products to change their structural characteristics and thus ensure that they have more or less hardness, more or less ductility, etc.

Each process causes a different change depending on the metal we treat, and some are to reverse processes that have been previously applied.

They should not be confused with surface treatments to avoid corrosion, I leave these detailed here.

Types of treatments

The best known process is tempering to harden steel, but there are many other alternatives that provide different solutions. I leave it all detailed and linked to its corresponding publication where you will find what they do and how the processes are.

  • Quenching: Process that modifies the molecular structure of steel to give it more hardness by raising its temperature and cooling it rapidly. More info >>
  • Tempering: It is a complementary process to tempering to solve the fragility that tempering brings to steel. More info >>
  • Nitrided: It is a nitrogen-based process, designed to increase its resistance to stress fatigue and corrosion. More info >>
  • Case-Hardening: The temperature of the steel is raised and carbon is added to modify its structure and thus harden it, leaving its internal characteristics unchanged. More info >>
  • Carbonitriding: It is a process that combines nitrogen and carbon to harden steel and is the result of the combination of cementing and nitriding. More info >>
  • Cyanidation: Process to harden the steel surface and increase its anti-wear capacity by providing it with a cyanide bath. More info >>
  • Sulfinized: The surface of the steel hardens by raising its temperature and adding sulfur. More info >>
  • Annealing: It is a process of softening the steel, once it is tempered, with which its molecular structure is rearranged and its initial characteristics are recovered. More info >>

As you can see, there is not only tempering as an option to harden a metal. The options are many and varied according to the types of need we have.

Do not stay with the doubt and check what each process is. If you still have doubts, you can visit our Facebook page and there we will be happy to help you.

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