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Project: How to buy a CO2 laser – Part 1

China laser

Hello Plasmadores. We are going to buy a CO2 laser to cut 1.5 mm of Stainlees Steel to do a series of jobs in our factory, and in a series of publications that start today May 20, we explain how we do it, where we buy it, how much it costs and how long it takes to get there.

First steps

We have contacted several companies in China and Spain to know prices and what they offer us, since our budget for this purchase is about $ 7000 in total, including taxes and transportation to our facilities. In principle it seems fair but we will try.

The best offer we have in Spain is a company that recommends us to go for a machine with 2 tubes of 150w connected in series, obtaining 300w of power and 2 circuits so that the other can be used to engrave and cut non-ferrous materials such as wood. or methacrylate. In this option they ask us € 12,000 ($ 13,200 approx.) Plus taxes. So as we are over budget, for now we are going to discard it.

Most manufacturers in China tell us that 150w of power is enough to cut 1.5mm stainless steel, but from the videos we found on YouTube, the edges are quite burned, so we are going to opt for 180w. We have an offer from a manufacturer that gives us all the facilities to import it, for example it includes in the price the transport to the nearest port that we have. In this case he has made us an offer of $ 7,150 and is the one that gives us the best feelings.

For now we are left with this offer from the Chinese manufacturer, but we are still looking for a bargain, such as on auction websites such as Surplex or Troostwijk.

Example of 150w cut:

We will update as we have more information.

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