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What is CNC?

What CNC means?

Many times we talk about it without knowing very well what it means and how far it covers. We know what numerical control means, but do we really know what that implies?
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control exactly. This means that the machine in question has motors, either steppers or steppers, or servo motors that are controlled by one or more cards that indicate to which position and at what speeds they must move. This card in turn can be controlled by another general card or directly by a computer that contains a specific program.

What does the CNC allow us?

The solutions that the CNC allows us are enormous, we can practically do everything we can think of for the industry, both in the metal and in the food industry, to name a few.

Controlling the progress of a motor in position and its speed allows you to do things as everyday as a printer. The motors where the ink cartridge is housed and those that move the sheet of paper, are stepper motors controlled by the computer that continuously tells them in what coordinates they have to be placed.

Cnc printer

On the other hand, it allows us such advanced things as creating industrial robots for the assembly of cars, controlling the wings of airplanes or the manufacture of both metal and plastic parts as well as in series.